Topographic Surveys

We offer a full range of topographic surveys on any size of project, from basic site outlines to complete records of all site features including levels.

Using state of the art Trimble equipment we collect 3D coordinated data that we use to prepare 2D or 3D graphical representations of surface features, indicating their relative position and height.  Results are processed in 3D allowing for modelling of sites, calculation of areas, volumes and distances and analysis of levels.

The end product is an AutoCAD drawing showing all significant features including levels in the form of spot heights or contours and any other information requested.   Drawings are layered using colours and line types to make the drawing easier to read.   All drawings are quality control checked before being dispatched as printed copy, AutoCAD or PDF formats.

The superiority of our state-of-the-art Trimble optical, electronic and satellite measuring equipment allows us to work to an exceptionally high level of accuracy, delivering output in a very short time.

Our Services

Bowlts provide a wide range of Land Survey services including topographic surveys, measured building survey and a range of other surveying work including; Title Plans, Planning Applications, Renewable Energy Surveys and Site Engineering and Setting Out Works

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